Betting on the potential of culture as a common language and acting as an interpreter of values,
we overcome the boundaries and barriers that stand between people, such as countries, regions, and times, to solve the problems of human society.


By positioning cultural decline as a "social problem" and identifying issues and their solutions,
we will create the soil for society to value culture. Crossing the border between Japanese and foreign cultures will foster a sense of kinship that transcends national borders.


Rep: Yuki Tokunaga

He was currently employed by a general trading company. He was born in July 1990 and graduated from the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University. Fluent in Japanese, English, and Russian. After working as a Russian interpreter and announcer for the Russian national radio station "Sputnik," he joined a general trading company. Fascinated by the Middle East region he worked in during his tenure, he took a leave of absence to study at the graduate school of the Hebrew University of Israel (withdrew from the program). He also participated in Y7/Y20, an official adjunct to the G7 and G20 summits, serving as the Japanese representative to the Y7 Ise-Shima Summit in 2016 and the Chair of the Y20 Osaka Summit in 2019 (agenda: Environment and Economy) and is currently the co-chair of the governing body G7/G20 Youth Japan. He also founded the NGO Culpedia in 2023 to become a language interpreter and a "values interpreter" to realize intercultural exchange.


Organization: Culpedia

Establishment: August 2020