Can human connections transcend national borders?

Crossing Borders between Japanese and Global Cultures


Betting on the potential of culture as a common language and acting as an interpreter of values,
overcoming the boundaries and barriers that stand between people,
such as countries, regions, and times, to solve the problems of human society.


  • To position the decline of culture as a "social problem" and to create the soil for society to cherish culture by identifying issues and their solutions.
  • To foster a sense of kinship that transcends national borders by crossing the border between Japanese and foreign cultures.


Traditional Culture Survey

Protecting Disappearing Traditional Crafts
The current state of the traditional craft industry,
which faces various challenges such as training successors,
lack of materials, and difficulty procuring tools, will be summarized.

Cross-border Cultural Exchanges

Building Cross-border Bonds Based on Kinship.
Pass on the interest in culture to the next generation by organizing exhibitions and events focusing on cultural exchange between Japan and other countries.